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Profile Door sensor switch 12/24V

For LED Strip in profile


Item: 1003017
● Door sensor switch, connected directly to the low voltage LED strip.
● When the door open, or no obstacle ahead, the strip turn on gradually.
 When the door close, or obstacle ahead, the strip turn off gradually.
● Max 4A output current, max output power 96W@24V.
● Generally installed in the aluminum lamp strip housing.
● 3M paste in the bottom of the PCBA make easy installation and security.
● Low cost and high stability.
● Widely used in wardrobe lights.
Input and Output  
Input voltage 12-24VDC
Output voltage  12-24VDC
Output power Max. 48W@12V | Max. 96W@24V
Sensor data  
Sensitive field ⩽10cm
Sensitivity angle 15-30
Operation temperature  -30°C + 55°C
Safety and EMC  
EMC standard (EMC) EN301 489,EN 62479 
Safety standard(LVD)  EN60950
Certification CE,EMC,LVD
Warranty and Protection  
Warranty 5 years
Protection Reverse Polarity

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