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Sokom | Streetlights |  75W-420W | 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K,6500K

Sokom | Streetlights |  75W-420W | 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K,6500K


Sokom | Streetlights |  75W-420W | 3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K,6500K

Luminous Efficacy   75W, 115W, 145W, 180W, 200W: 140lm/w and 170lm/w optional
  300W, 420W: 145lm/w
Color Temperature  3000K,4000K,5000K,5700K,6500K
Power Consumption  75W, 115W, 145W, 180W, 200W, 300W, 420W
CRI (Color Accuracy) Ra>70 Ra>80
Replaces (Comparable to) 75W: 300W PSMH (140lm/w) and 400W PSMH (170lm/w) 
  115W: 450W PSMH (140lm/w) and 500W PSMH (170lm/w)
  145W: 550W PSMH (140lm/w) and 700W PSMH (170lm/w) 
  180W: 700W PSMH (140lm/w) and 800W PSMH (170lm/w) 
  200W: 800W PSMH (140lm/w) and 1000W PSMH (170lm/w) 
  300W: 1000W PSMH (145lm/w)
  420W: 1200W PSMH (145lm/w)
Dimensions/Colour 75W/115W/145W: 24*11*3'', 60*27*7.8 (cm.) Black
  180W/200W:27*14*3'', 69.4*35*7.8 (cm.) (cm.) Black
  300W:  29*14*3'', 739*306*75(cm.) Silver
  420W: 30*14*3'', 74*36*75 (cm.) Silver
Shipping Weight 75W/115W/145W: 13 (lbs.)
  180W/200W: 15 (lbs.)
  300W: 23 (lbs.)
  420W: 16.53 (lbs.)
Lifespan  estimated > 50,000 hours of maintenance-free operation 
  to L70 at 25°C (77°F)
Input Voltage
IP66 IK08
Replaces 500w pulse start metal halide (PSMH). 115-watt LED Area/Shoebox Light with 18975
delivered lumens,Black/White/Brown, UL/cUL, DLC Listed, 5-year limited warranty. 
Powder coated Die-cast aluminum
Lens Assembly:
Anti-UV with polycarbonate lens with precision individual optics for uniform illumination
Slip Fitter
Adjustable Arm Mount
U Shape Bracket
Direct Arm Mount


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