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Bulkhead 14W Barrier 3000K EPS

Bulkhead 14W Barrier 3000K EPS


LED Flatlight: If you compare our LED Products to traditional lighting you will see that our lighting radiates less heat and has a much longer lifespan and a very low maintenance cost. Our products are made of quality parts and have a high energy saving level. We think quality is very important so we always make sure our products are tested and have the right certificates.

Applications: Office, School, Hospital, Retail shop, Hotel Workshop, Hallway, Corridor

Wattage                                            14W
Luminous Flux                                 3000K:1100Lm 6000K:1300Lm
Kelvin                                               3000K 6000K (4000K Optional)
Colour Rendering Index                   >80
Beam angle                                      120°
UGR                                                 <16
Power Factor                                   >0.5
Voltage / Current                              220-240V 50~60Hz
Driver                                                Included
IP-Code                                            IP66 IK08 and 850 GWT requirement
Sensor on/off                                    Optional
Dim Sensor                                      Optional (MERRYTEK driver)
EPS                                                  Optional (2W 90min work time)
material                                            Plastic with Opal PC
Dimensions                                      Ø301 x H 95mm
Operation Temperature                    -20 + 45°C
Lifetime                                            50.000h
Warranty                                          3 Years (Optional 5)
Certification                                     CE, RoHS

1002779               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 3000K Black EPS
1002778               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 3000K Black
1002516               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 3000K White On/o‑ Sensor EPS
1002346               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 6000K White On/o‑ Sensor EPS
1002254               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 6000K White On/o‑ Sensor
1002253               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 3000K White EPS
1002252               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 3000K White Dim Sensor
1002251               Bulkhead 'Barrier' 14W 3000K White


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