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SMD LED Module 2W 1pecs 3535 IP65

SMD LED Module 2W 1pecs 3535 IP65


Item Parameter
Drive method Constant voltage drive
Voltage DC12V
Power(single module) 2W(typ)
LED QTY(single module) 1PCS
Max Connection Qty(PCS) 20(typ)
Cover color & material White PC
Size 35*52*7.8mm
IP Level IP65
Working temperature -20~+60℃
Stock temperature -40~+80℃
Weight(20pcs/string) 285g

1. Take 9V 3535 LED as light source, no light spot, low decay and good consistency.
2. Low consumption, high brightness, free maintenance, long life span.
3. Injection outer cover. Protect level:IP65
4. Input voltage: DC12V, reliable and safe.
5. With series-parallel connection circuit for LED PCB, 20pcs modules are connected to one string and each module can be cut individually.

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